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Christian S. Pedoty


President's Message

I want to take this opportunity to introduce you to our services.  MPH Investigations is a full service security and investigations provider.  We service our clients by first understanding their needs, and subsequently developing a plan that is best suited; both operationally and financially.  Whether you are looking for uniformed security officers, executive protection professionals or skilled investigators; we can help.

The question that many prospective clients pose is; “why do I need security?”  Our answer is that we all have something that we hold in great value; business assets and property, customers and clients, family and friends and personal well-being.  The fact is, safety and security is not an option; rather a goal and obligation we all have a stake in achieving. 

In a perfect world, security would only be a luxury and mostly unnecessary.  However, all you have to do is read the newspaper or watch a television news program to understand the need to protect ourselves and our property.  The fact is, we live in unsettling times.  The increasing threat of terrorism, mass shootings and random crimes plague many metropolitan areas; and has spread to smaller tight-knit communities.  So, the question now becomes; how can you afford not to have security?

The aforementioned is not intended to incite panic or alarm; rather provide a realistic view of the world in which we live.  Thankfully, most people are good and well-intentioned.  However, it only takes a small minority of the population to negatively impact the life of an innocent victim. 

Let us work with you to identify the services you need.  Please call to schedule a free consultation.  We appreciate your business.


MPH Investigations is led and staffed by law enforcement, military and security professionals with decades of experience.  We are well equipped and trained to handle any of our client’s needs; from uniformed security officers, executive protection professionals, skilled investigators and so much more. Through years of hands-on experience in our industry, we understand what it takes to get the job done.  We treat every assignment with equal vigor and strive for perfection.  We apply our years of public safety knowledge and experience to meet your objectives.

Supervision and Training

Our team is made up of only the best of the best; we support our team with a highly competent elite supervisor team which is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.  We ensure quality control through random inspections of our facilities and staff; as well as providing continuous in-service training.   We believe that hiring the right personnel for the job is paramount, but proper support and training is equally important.

Our objective is to always find the right personnel to meet the needs of the client.  To accomplish this objective, we ensure that all of our staff meet or exceed the level of training necessary to complete the task at hand.  Many members of our team come to us with a great deal of skills and experience; while others we train to a high standard.  In fact, we are equipped and certified to handle most of our training needs in-house, to include; firearms training, baton, OC, CPR/First Aid/AED, defensive tactics, conflict resolution, leadership skills, report writing, investigations, legal issues and many other disciplines. 


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MPH Investigations takes pride is our affiliations and certifications through a variety of professional and internationally renowned organizations, some of which include: